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This is the story of Donaldson Company and its people. In 1915, Donaldson started as a three-man shop manufacturing simple air cleaners for farm tractors. Today, we have expanded our product portfolio and grown into a worldwide corporation with a direct Donaldson presence in more than 39 countries.

100 years of experience
Donaldson Company was founded in 1915 when Frank Donaldson Sr. developed a simple air cleaner to solve a farmer’s tractor problems. In the late 1920s, crop fires caused by engine sparks fueled our diversification into exhaust products. Success and innovation in agricultural equipment led directly to opportunities in the construction and mining markets and later to the over-the-road truck market.

Global presence
By the 1950s, Donaldson had established worldwide sales and distribution through licensing agreements with overseas manufacturers. Our strong client relationships accelerated our international growth. Donaldson established operations in England to support Caterpillar in 1958, and today we service the needs of our customers through operations in 19 countries.

Diverse product portfolio
The acquisition of Torit® Company in the early 1970s propelled Donaldson into the dust collection business, which was further expanded in 1987 with the acquisition of the Day Division of Carter-Day, another leader in the dust collection market. Our industrial air filtration technology is now applied to a variety of industries and environments, including: welding, pharmaceuticals, woodworking, chemical, metal fabrication, foundries, food processing and composites.

Technology leader
During the 1970s, we applied our technology to create innovative filtration solutions to clean inlet air for gas turbines. Today, we create and manufacture air filtration systems for stationary gas turbines and other rotating equipment used in power generation, oil and gas production and transmission and petrochemical industries.

The emergence of computer disk drive technology in the 1980s prompted us to apply our disciplines to micro-filtration problems. Resulting technology has enabled Donaldson to provide new products for diverse applications such as cleanrooms, semiconductor processing and automobile and aircraft passenger cabins.

Double-digit earnings
The 1990s were a time of strong growth for Donaldson Company. A record of double-digit earnings was established that continues still today. Our global presence and technical capabilities expanded greatly with numerous acquisitions, including, but not limited to, Aercology (small dust collection products), AirMaze (compressor products) , and DCE (dust collection, specializing in baghouse filtration products.) Due to such growth, we opened a new distribution center in the 1990s in Rensselaer, Indiana, which is now the central shipping point for most of the company’s engine and industrial replacement parts.

Consistency in the 21st century
So far, the new century has been a good one for Donaldson Company. The diversification, along with strategic acquisitions, has resulted in consistently strong financial performance and has enabled us to expand and grow our business.

Our guarantee
Every day, employees at Donaldson entities all over the world are exploring ways to help solve customer problems and apply technology to new markets. Our technological leadership, combined with strong customer relationships and a global presence, will keep us at the forefront of our markets for years to come.

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