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Aerospace + Defense is a merger of the Donaldson’s aircraft and defense groups, which serve customers in general aviation, commercial aviation and military aviation and provides filtration solutions for land, sea and air defense platforms, including:

Amphibious + Marine
A critical job of the military and its equipment is to deliver tactical supplies, equipment and troops in any weather, environmental and operating condition. Donaldson filtration products can help!

Commercial Aviation, including Regional and Business Aircraft
Commercial airplanes use a variety of filters for liquid and air filtration. These filters must meet stringent performance and safety requirements stipulated by the airlines, major aircraft manufacturers and the FAA.

Gen Sets
Our military and defense customers tell us we’re innovators, capably and reliably providing them with the filtration systems they require. We are specialists in custom design.

General Aviation
If you own or operate a Beechcraft, Piper, Cessna or Mooney airplane, or a Bell, Aerospatiale (Eurocopter) or MD Hughes rotorcraft, chances are it was delivered with Donaldson filters onboard.

Ground Combat + Support Vehicles (Tanks, Armored, Recovery, Artillery)
Our defense application experience, in all areas of filtration and exhaust products, stands strong. Learn more from our timeline which highlights more than 80 years of Donaldson ingenuity that has helped keep military and defense equipment ready for action.

Ground Support (Diesel Engines and Equipment)
With decades of experience in heavy equipment, engine and exhaust filtration, Donaldson and Le Bozec products are found throughout the aviation industry, not just inside planes.

Military Fixed Wing Aviation
Donaldson began manufacturing filtration products for the military during World War I. We have established a dedicated team to provide the special expertise required for defense and military applications.

Missiles + Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
The design and development of equipment for missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles is carried out by technical experts at Donaldson and Le Bozec. We’ve taken filtration literally to the highest levels of flight.

If you own or operate a Eurocopter, Sikorsky, or Westland rotorcraft, chances are good that it was delivered with Donaldson or Le Bozec filters onboard. We continue to work with the leading rotorcraft manufacturers to develop products which meet the stringent operating requirements of rotary wing aircraft.

Specialty Filtration and Accessories
Donaldson engineers can help you meet your efficiency and performance needs by designing filters to suit your special aviation needs. Please email us for more information.
  Aerospace + Defense Product Overview:
Bleed Air Filtration
Electronic Equipment Filtration
Engine Air Intake Filtration
Environmental Control Systems (ECS)
Emissions and Exhaust
Indicators and Control Valves
Liquid Filtration
Pneumatic System Filtration
Filtration Technology

Donaldson currently provides filtration solutions for Boeing and Airbus commercial jets, B52 and C17 military aircraft, piston-powered airplanes, Army helicopters, M1 Abrams tanks, Stryker vehicles, Bradley Fighting Vehicles, M109 Self Propelled Howitzers, M88 recovery vehicles, M113 Armored Personnel Carriers, FMTV trucks and gen-sets.

Donaldson began manufacturing filtration products for the military during World War I. We have established a dedicated team to provide the special expertise required for defense and military applications. Over the past eight decades, Donaldson’s reputation for precision engineering, innovative design, on-site quality testing and for aggressively meeting military requirements, has continued to win our company a position as the premier filtration supplier for defense industries worldwide.

Three major civilian groups use Donaldson aircraft filters: commercial aviation, regional/business aviation, and general aviation. Even though their airplanes differ vastly in size, range and use, these groups have several things in common. They demand excellence in design and manufacturing. Components installed on each airplane must meet strict FAA guidelines and have PMA and/or OEM approval. Durability and performance are key. There is no margin for error at 1,000 feet, 35,000 feet, or anywhere in between. Donaldson provides filters that meet each operator’s needs.








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