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Demand Donaldson - We are filtration experts! Because Donaldson has worked closely with original engine manufacturers, aircraft operators and government officials, our product line includes numerous OEM-approved filtration and system solutions. In addition, Donaldson is dedicated to providing superior customer service, high quality products and commitment to advanced technology. Donaldson products are designed to meet the challenges of the most demanding environments. Our technical experiences and reliable solutions including the following filters and filtration systems:

Bleed Air Filtration
Bleed air is used to keep critical parts of the aircraft such as the wing leading edges ice-free. Filtration of bleed air is critical.

Electronic Equipment Filtration
Donaldson EE filters greatly diminish the amount of lint and other particles from avionics cooling systems, in-flight entertainment equipment and other electrical equipment for commercial, regional and private aircraft.

Engine Air Intake Filters and Air Cleaners
Donaldson engine air intake filters for piston-powered aircraft remove dust from the air before it reaches the engine.

Environmental Control Systems (ECS)
Products for ECS, like Air Purification Systems, Anti-Microbial, Cabin Air Recirculation, Crew Compartment and HEPA filters, are dedicated to preserving operational costs while providing clean and comfortable cabin environments for crew and passengers.
Emission Systems
Diesel Engine Emissions and Exhaust Systems
Donaldson emission and exhaust system products can be found as original equipment on a wide variety of diesel-powered vehicles and equipment.

Indicators and Control Valves
Donaldson indicators provide notification of clogging, low or high fluid levels, humidity levels, and temperatures. Our high-quality line includes check valves, relief valves, and flow control valves.

Liquid (Oil/Lube, Fuel, Coolant, Hydraulic, Transmission) Filtration
When your liquid filters are right, you know you’ve got peak engine and equipment performance. Today’s equipment is built to more stringent specifications and finer tolerances.

Pneumatic System Filtration
From commercial jets to single engine planes, our engineers work closely with the aerospace and defense industry to design pneumatic systems filters that operate in the highest efficiencies.

Rain Repellent
The difference is clear – Rain Repellent™ provides operators improved visibility. Rain Repellent provides for better aircraft windshield visibility during take-off and landing – especially under rainy conditions.

Donaldson Filtration Technology
Continuing the development of innovative filtration and systems solutions -- our engineers work closely with major airframe and engine manufacturers, airlines, and industry associations to design filters that operate at the highest efficiencies, are easy to maintain, provide comfort to passengers and crew, and protect equipment













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