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As part of our expanded focus on the exhaust market, over 250 part numbers have been added to the new Donaldson exhaust catalog. New parts include 30 new off-road mufflers and a wide variety of new clamps that are easier to install and have better sealing ability.

Donaldson Truck Mufflers
Donaldson is the market leader in heavy-duty mufflers. We offer over 150 replacement mufflers, including the M100465 – the industry’s most popular truck muffler.

Donaldson Off-Road Mufflers
If you’re looking for a replacement for your off-road equipment, you’ll want to take a look at a new line of off-road aluminized steel mufflers. Available in five muffler styles and with a high temperature black finish, these mufflers can be installed in any position. Matching mountings bands are also available to compliment the muffler.

Reduce Your Engine Brake Noise
The Donaldson Silent Partner™ is a combination of absorptive and reactive silencing techniques packaged to reduce harsh engine noise generated using an engine brake. Silent Partner has a 500,000 mile/4 year warranty

Exhaust Clamps
Used to seal muffler inlets, outlets, elbow joints and flex pipe, you’ll find a wide selection of clamps available from in stainless and aluminized materials. The key for a tight and leak-free connection is making sure you have the right clamp for the right job!

Flex Tubing, Elbows, Bent Tubes, Connectors & Reducers
No matter what type of connecting device you need for your medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, you’ll find it available from Donaldson.

Stack Pipes and Tailpipes
Curved, straight, long 90º, monsters, or dump truck stacks – Donaldson has what you need and in a choice of materials – bright stainless, chrome, and aluminized.

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