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DONALDSON is the leading supplier of engineered full air intake systems for gas turbine and industrial compressors, for new and retrofit applications.
Our on-going development efforts towards gas turbine air treatment are supported by the most advanced engineering tools in the industry including structural analysis, fluid dynamics and filter modeling.
DONALDSON offers an extensive and fully inclusive After Sales and Technology Support Service. Rely on Donaldson for the most efficient, productive and cost-effective After Market products and services.

Cartridge Filters
Whatever brand cartridge-style filter house you have, we have a filter for you. If you didn’t get Donaldson filters originally, try upgrading to Donaldson Spider-Web, our patented nano-fiber media technology, for higher efficiency filtration and lower operational pressure loss, both parameters result in better turbine output. Spider-Web XP is our newest type of nano-fiber media increasing even more your GT performance.

Compact Filters

The static compact filters NorrVee and NorrCel are particularly designed for air intake applications for gas turbines and other rotating equipment. The media consists of microfine glass fibres and the filters are available for efficiency levels up to grade F9 per EN779:2012 and up to H13 as per EN 1822:2009.

Pulse Filters

NorrPak pulse filters are high-efficiency panel filters used in self-cleaning systems. They have a high dust-holding capacity, a long filter life and can be provided with different Donaldson filter media grades to meet up to F9 per EN779:2012 and E11 per EN1822:2009.

Panel Filters
Replacement panel filters to fit a variety of Donaldson and non-Donaldson air inlet systems.
Static Air Filters Pre-Filters
Pre-filters -- both wraps and panels -- have the job of extending the life of the primary filter by capturing larger particulate, such as seeds, leaves, airborne fibers, etc. They are made of low-cost, relatively low efficiency materials, and are designed to be changed more often than primary filters -- then thrown away.
Cartridge Filters Spare and Service Parts
Replacement Parts for Donaldson Filtration Systems.
Panel Filters Service
Donaldson Gas Turbine Systems values your business and would like to partner with you to solve your unique filtration needs to protect your gas turbines and compressors in your specific application.
We focus on overall customer satisfaction through delivery of reliable service, highest quality spare parts and cost-effective system upgrades. We service Donaldson and other manufacturer equipment.

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