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Donaldson supplies air treatment products to increase your turbomachinery power output and efficiency, in addition these products are compatible with the air intake filters. The financial return on the added capital investment guarantees incredible low payback periods.

Air inlet Cooling Systems
Turbo-machinery have their performances affected by the ambient air temperature. The power output decreases as the temperature increases. Maintain at best the mass flow of air is a way to offset those weather conditions when temperature is high.

Donaldson supplies evaporative coolers which makes the air denser by adiabatically decreasing the dry temperature towards the wet bulb condition and so, without generating any water droplets within the process. This cheap system allows for using normal available tap water and in addition increases your power output when peak demand is highest!

Chillers allow for constant and variable power
When waste heat is available or energy storage is a possibility…, chilled water can be made to remove the heat from the air stream and allow for maximising the basically constant available power or if desired variable. The condensed water can be an interesting by-product in certain areas. Donaldson supplies indirect or direct chilling heat exchangers while assuring the long term performance protection of the turbo-machinery. The financial return on the added capital investment guarantees incredible low payback periods.

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