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Donaldson supplies a variety of means to inject heat within the air systems either upstream or downstream the air-filters

Air Inlet Anti-Icing Systems
The ambient air contains moisture which condenses at a given temperature. Icing fog has been reported between +3°C down to –12°C.

Cooling towers and steams effluents can be transformed in super-cooled droplets which solidify instantly when touching objects or surfaces. Ice formation in static filter houses will generate pressure loss peak-increase.

The air velocity is increasing towards the compressor bellmouth and accelerating drastically within the guide-vanes to reach depression values at which moisture can possibly form ice which is also dangerous.

Self-Cleaning filters!
A correctly designed self-cleaning filter prevents air inlet blockage and ice formation in the filterhouse, thus does not need an anti-icing device. For ice forming prevention on the guiding vanes it is still required but with a much lower on-line usage.

Multi-Stage filters
The multi-stage filter, with their higher inlet air velocities do block with ice. Heat must be injected to prevent environmental icing conditions.

Donaldson supplies a variety of means to inject heat within the air systems, either upstream or downstream the air-filters. It can be hot compressed GT bleed air systems with adequate silencing features, low pressure air injection from generator cooling or any type of heat exchanger using hot water or steam …

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