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Welcome to our Data Library! Just double click on the title of interest to open the PDF file, then read it online or print out a hard copy.

Self-Cleaning Air Systems
PDF GDX Benefits
PDF GDX Air Inlet Components
PDF Example: GDX - Arizona, USA
PDF Example: GDX - Texas, USA
PDF Example: GDX - Al Shuweihat, UAE
PDF Example: GDX - Minneapolis, USA
PDF Example: GDX - Adapazarri, Turkey
PDF GDX System Description
PDF TTD System Description

Static Air Filters
PDF Example: GDS - Brugge, Belgium
PDF Example: GDS - Sri Lanka
PDF Example: GDS - Minnesota, USA
PDF GDS System Description

Cartridge Filters
PDF 22"-long (TTD) Replacement Filters
PDF 26" to 36"-long Replacement Filters
PDF Cartridge filter for non-Donaldson systems
PDF Composite Filter - Benefits
PDF Composite-Filter (CFS) Replacement Filters
PDF GDS-II Replacement Filters Pairs
PDF GDX & GDS-1 Replacement Filters Pairs

Compact Filters
NorrVee and NorrCel

Pulse Filters
NorrPak pulse filters

Panel Filters
PDF Barrier Filters: Slim VeePac & 20" Square Panel
PDF PowerCore 24"x24" Square Panel Filters
PDF Mini-Pleat Panel Filter
PDF Mini-Pleat filters

PDF Panel Prefilters
PDF Pre-Filter Wraps
PDF Pre-Filter Panels in Reusable Frames
PDF Mini-Pleat Filters

Spare and Service Parts

Inlet Air Enhancements
PDF Chilled water
PDF Indirect Chilling Heat
PDF Inlet Moisture Removal
PDF Evaporative Cooler Brochure
PDF Inlet Cooling (Evap Coolers & Chiller Coils)
PDF Cooling System Replacement Parts & Media

Field Service
PDF After Market Brochure
PDF How to Service Filters on GDX & GDS Systems

Filtration Technology
PDF Spider-Web XP Filter Performance
PDF 7 Things to Know Before Buying Air Filters
PDF Filter Media Choices
PDF Match Filter Media to Your Environmental Challenge
PDF Spider-Web Brochure
PDF Spider-Web cost comparison

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