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Terms of Warranty on Donaldson Air Intake Filtration Systems

Donaldson warrants its product as detailed below, and in lieu of all other guarantees expressed or implied and of all other obligations on the part of the Seller. Except as expressly set below, this warranty does not extend to any incidental, special or consequential damages and claims resulting from such defects.

1. Equipment (excluding Filter Elements)
The air inlet filtration system is free from defects in materials and workmanship, having been designed and produced in accordance with accepted industrial standards and practices.

The warranty definitively ends within two years from the date of product start-up or 16,000 running hours and within a maximum of 3 years after ex works availability, whichever is earlier, even when the unit was repaired and/or replacements were done by Donaldson within this warranty period.

Donaldson accepts the obligation to provide repair or replacement, at Donaldson’s sole choice, of parts proven to be defective within above said period.

The warranty on Filter Elements is subject to the conditions of Point 2 below.

Material supplied by Donaldson under a claim against this warranty will be sold and invoiced to the Claimant, and credited upon return to Donaldson of the defective parts and inspection/verification by Donaldson of the validity of the claim. All costs relative to the return of parts will be at Claimant's charge.

Repair or replacement of parts under this warranty by Donaldson will be done on an ex works basis, with all charges for freight and installation at the expense of the Claimant. Defective parts being replaced basis this warranty policy become the property of Donaldson.

Exclusions from Warranty
The warranty shall not be applicable in any of the following cases:

If the Donaldson product or parts of the system have been modified or repaired in any way outside of the Donaldson premises, except otherwise contractually agreed upon in the Agreement to which this warranty is attached, or where prior written authorization has been given by Donaldson.

If the products or parts of the system, in the opinion of Donaldson, have been subject to misuse, negligence or accident, or have been altered or used in an unqualified manner or in any way so as to affect product reliability and/or performance.

If the product or parts of the system have become worn, used or damaged through normal wear and tear.

The warranty for purchased subparts included in the scope of supply of the Donaldson product, such as compressors, motors, instruments, electrical parts and gauges, shall be limited to the warranty provided by the original manufacturer of such parts, with, however, a minimum of 12 months from the date of product shipment or availability for shipment, whichever is earlier, ex works.

If non-Donaldson parts and/or elements have been used in the filter system assembly.

2. Filter Elements
Donaldson Air Filter elements are designed to operate at low pressure drop (DP) for extended periods of time. Donaldson warrants its filter elements as follows:

Pulse-cleaned filter systems (model types TTD, TUD, GDX): Donaldson will replace any filter element found by Donaldson to be defective in materials and workmanship on a pro rata temporis basis of two years in operation.

Static (non-pulse-cleaned) filter systems (Model types TJD, TMD, GDS, DZS): Donaldson will replace any filter element found by Donaldson to be defective in materials or workmanship during the service life dictated by the maximum DP limit. Operating DP vs. time will be dependent upon the ambient conditions and the proper maintenance of the installation.

Exclusions and Limitations of Warranty:
(applies to both pulse-cleaned and static elements)

(a) All warranty becomes invalid 5 years after date of manufacture of the element.

(b) When unburned hydrocarbon or other similar sticky contaminants are present in the intake air, premature DP increase may result and pulse cleaning may not be effective at removing the contaminant from the elements.

(c) Aggressive chemical pollutants in the intake air (such as acids) may attack and deteriorate the element filter media prematurely. In this case the above warranty does not apply.

(d) This warranty does not apply to material defects caused by normal wear and tear, including but not limited to corrosion on metallic parts.

(e) Damage to elements from transport or incorrect handling, or incorrect storage, or misuse, negligence or accident, invalidates the warranty. Proper storage of elements in a dry, well ventilated warehouse, free of inclement weather and ambient chemical contamination, and a temperature not exceeding 150°F (66°C), in original packing is required.

(f) Any replacement made under this warranty will be on the basis of ex works, Donaldson factory or warehouse, with all handling and transport at the expense the Claimant.

(g) When operating manual instructions/recommendations are not followed.

(h) Recoverable DP increase under certain atmospheric circumstances.

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