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Complete Intake Systems
Donaldson has the latest products, the expertise and the tools to design and to supply entire air intake systems up to the nose of the turbine. Our smart solutions protect and give the best long term operating performance to all your rotating equipment, in any environment around the world.

Complete air intake systems
The turbo-machinery performance depends on many parameters relative to the condition of the combustion air entering the machine. The pressure drop of the air intake filter alone is certainly of extreme importance: not only during clean and dry weather conditions, but also during long lasting adverse environmental operating conditions.

The complete intake system must be designed to prevent permanent losses, which not only add cost to power and fuel, but also increase the load of exhaust emissions on the environment. Addition of air conditioning accessories in the air intake is another option to be considered.

Environmental pollution- a complexity
Removing dust is not sufficient anymore. The temperature, the humidity and the uniformity of the incoming airflow must be controlled during the entire turbine operation. Chemicals are becoming troublesome in many co-generation sites. Also noise and pollutant emissions must be abated to meet more and more stringent environmental limits.

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