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Below, you will find answers to the frequently asked questions. In case you have other question(s), please Contact us

1. What are the general requirements to do business with Donaldson

Click here to learn about Donaldson Supplier Operating System Standard (S.B.O.S.S.).
Click here to learn about Donaldson Quality and Environment Requirements.
Click here to learn about Donaldson Logistic Requirements.

2. How can I contact Donaldson EMEA Purchasing Team?

Click here to fill in the application form. Each potential supplier has to fill in the application form. Each form is evaluated by the relevant commodity specialist in Donaldson Purchasing. You will then receive additional information how to proceed.

3. Does Donaldson rate its suppliers?

Click here to learn about our Donaldson Buys Value (DBV) rating system.

4. When submitting the application form an error occurs. Who can I contact?

Write us an e-mail with a detailed description of your problem to our Web Master. We will help you as soon as possible.

5. I can deliver more than one commodity. Which application form do I need to fill in?

The application form or process does not change. In this case please go to Contact Us page and choose the most relevant commodity you deliver. When filling in the application form, please specify which other commodities or services you can deliver. You do not need to submit the application form more than once. Our commodity specialist will internally forward your application to other relevant colleagues.

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