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Donaldson's Supply Chain Management is centered around creating VALUE. We perceive supply chains as value chains contributing value to our products or services and finally our customers.

Value creation in our supply chain is understood as a combination of

· Secure and Flexible Supply
· Optimum Cost
· Defined and Stable Quality
· Latest Technology and Innovation

We follow a partnership approach with our suppliers appreciating that increasing customer expectations and technological challenges require a shift from component sourcing to solution sourcing. Based on our core values, integrity, respect, commitment, we strive for long term partnerships that evolve from the past buy and sell approach to collaborative design relations.

Critical success factors for Donaldson as for our supply partners are:

· Outstanding People
· Customer Focused Solutions
· Superior Technology
· Global Presence
· Excellence in Execution

Are you interested to become a Donaldson supply partner?

The Donaldson Europe Supplier Business Operating System Standard (S.B.O.S.S.) will provide you a guide line and help you to understand the Donaldson Europe requirements governing our business relationship and expectations.

The following pages will provide you more information about materials and services we source, procedures we use and how to apply as a supplier at Donaldson.

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