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Quality and Environment

Donaldson is a recognized leader in its chosen sectors of the filtration market. We strive to provide our customers with unique and consistently high quality solutions to their filtration problems.

· Supplied materials, components and systems are becoming increasingly decisive for   the quality of our final product hence quality assurance of up-stream supply chains   becomes increasingly important.

· Cost and time for receiving inspections and detection of non-conforming supply are   non-value-added and prevent production flow. Instead it is imperative for our   suppliers to build appropriate non-quality prevention and detection mechanism into   their processes, e.g. by means of Poka-Joke, SPC, etc.

· To become a Donaldson supplier the minimum requirement is to have 3rd party   accreditation to ISO9001, with a business direction towards ISO/TS16949 when   supplying into ENGINE applications, alternatively for suppliers to Donaldson Aero   division AS9100.

· What is SPPAP?
  SPPAP is patterned after the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) developed   by the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG). The Supplier Production Part   Approval Process (SPPAP) assures purchased materials, parts, and assemblies meet   Donaldson specified requirements by determining:
  1) If all Donaldson engineering drawing and specification requirements are properly   understood by the supplier.
  2) That the supplier's manufacturing process has the ability to produce product   meeting those requirements during an actual production run at the quoted   production rates, using production tooling, gauging, process, materials, operators,   environment, and process settings, from parts that are taken from a significant   production run.
  The Donaldson SPPAP system tracks action due dates and emails suppliers and   Donaldson responsible parties to facilitate the processing of the SPPAP.

  Please download the Donaldson EMEA PPAP Workbook here:
  CORP SQADOC 004 Supplier PPAP Book
  Please download the Donaldson EMEA PPAP Workbook training manual here:
  CORP MAN 006 PPAP Workbook Training
  Please submit your PPAP and related Supplier Quality Assurance mail via

Donaldson is an environmentally and socially responsible corporation. We comply with environmental laws and regulations and are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen. Donaldson actively promotes a management commitment to the development of enlightened environmental principles and their implementation throughout the organization.

· We believe in:

    – Pollution prevention at its source and the responsible management of any    residual waste.
    – Recycling of raw materials, finished products and other resources.
    – Conservation of energy and natural resources through prudent use and    reuse.
    – A commitment to minimize risks pertaining to environmental, health and safety    in the workplace, and in our communities.

· Suppliers with ISO14001 certificates are subject to preference and easier approval   process.

· Compliance to applicable Environmental regulations is a requirement (REACH, GADSL,    RoHS - WEEE)

As a continuing effort to improve our operational processes and quality we are asking your collaboration to avoid quality problems resulting from uncontrolled changes in our subcontractors' products or production processes. We thank you therefore for observance of the following procedure:

· The Supplier must inform Donaldson in advance of any changes made to their   manufacturing processes or to any part or raw material supplied to Donaldson.

· All part and process change requests should be officially and exclusively   communicated to the Donaldson Purchasing Department by using the following   document (PUPDOC 033). Once filled-in, please send the document to

· Upon receipt of the Supplier notification the buyer together with the Donaldson   Quality Department will evaluate the change request and notify the Supplier of any   specific requirement such as new PPAP (Production Part Approval Process), sampling,   testing, etc.

· Before the change can take place, the Supplier must receive a formal authorization   from the Donaldson Purchasing and/or Quality Department.

· Donaldson reserves the right to charge all costs associated with quality problems   due to a non-authorized change.

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